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The best approach here is to combine both practice tests with video lessons. There are many free tests that you can practice online. It is better, however, to find a reliable preparation test provider, where against an affordable membership fee you will have access to multiple tests, guides and explanations. PoliceExam for example, offers a variety of practice exam questions with answers to help you prepare for your upcoming exam. Another option is to buy study books on Amazon or enroll in a course.

You can combine this with video lessons from outstanding law enforcement officers who share their experience and give valuable advice on what to expect, how to prepare and even what to wear on your exam day, so that your chances of becoming a police officer stand higher. No matter what your choice is, remember that it is important to prepare for the exam. Invest in a preparation course that you consider the right for you, in order to ace the police written exam. It is very important to develop a study routine and follow it. You can allocate 1 hour a day to doing tests or watching training videos.

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You can choose to study with a friend or discuss your questions with someone who has already taken the test and is familiar with the process. Pay special attention to the memory part of the test. You can turn it into a game with your friends or family — look at a photo for 30 seconds and then compete who will be able to list more details. Practice solving math problems using only pen and paper.

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Spend some time every day writing by hand in order to improve your grammar and spelling. Remember that calculators and dictionaries are not allowed at the exam. In order to achieve better results on the police written test, you need to be in your best shape on the exam day. You most likely will feel nervous, so try to relax with some pleasant activities on the day prior to the test. Do something that you enjoy, have a walk or watch a movie.

Put some nice and comfortable clothes on and a smile on your face to boost your confidence.

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During the actual written exam try to remain as calm as possible and follow the instructions you are given. Read carefully the directions before the questions, note how much time you have.

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Pay attention to specific words in the text, such as except or unless. Make sure to read all the possible answers before choosing one.

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Instead of a conclusion we would like to offer you some tips that will help you stand out at the police written exam in a positive way. Using an online Police Exam Preparation program will give you a significant advantage over other candidates. Practicing from a database of over 1, questions and then learning why an answer is correct is what PoliceExam offers.

It is one of the leading online law enforcement exam preparation programs available. What is the police written exam? What does the police written exam include? These are: Reading comprehension Vocabulary Memory Situational judgment and reasoning Directional orientation Report writing and grammar Spelling Mathematics We can sum up that the written test measures basic intelligence and the applicants are tested for 12th grade knowledge.

So, here is what type of questions you will find on the police written exam: Testing your math skills — this section requires basic arithmetic knowledge. You read a word problem and then you have to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division or determine a percentage in order to get the right answer. Then you need to select the correct multiple-choice answer out of four possibilities. You are given scratch paper to make calculations if you need to, however no calculators or similar gadgets are allowed.

Testing your reading comprehension skills — this part consists of sentences or paragraphs that test your ability to read and interpret a text. Most often the passages are related to police duty. To answer them, however, you are not required to have specific law or law enforcement knowledge. This is something that you will learn at the Academy. What you need is rather basic idea of potential rules and routines of police work.

Testing your language skills — this section tests your ability to identify grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes.

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You will be faced with two types of questions: Which answer best completes the sentence type of questions — you have an incomplete sentence and you need to choose the word that best completes it Spot the error type of questions — these are multiple-choice questions. The sentence contains a misspelled word and you need to identify which one it is.

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You choose the right answer out of four options. Testing your writing skills — this section checks your ability to write with grammatically correct sentences and correctly spelled words. It consists of two parts: Open-ended questions — you need to answer some questions after reading a sample police report. The answers should be in full sentences following all grammar, punctuation and spelling rules; Writing an essay — you are given a certain topic and you have to produce an essay on the topic within the given time limit.

This section checks your ability to write a coherent text as well as your grammar and spelling. Testing your observation and memory — this type of questions checks your ability to pay attention to detail, give or identify directions and memorize faces, objects, directions, etc.

It includes studying photographs, maps or drawing for a given period of time and then answering different types of questions related to them from memory. As we do not answer such types of questions very often, it is good to practice in advance. How to prepare for the police written exam? There are several tips and resources that you can use: 1.

We have developed the Ultimate program in preparing you for any law enforcement exam. Topics in this paper. Police ; Police Academy; Police academies run a program that typically lasts hours. Polygraph exam First of all, they are didactic both for the writer and the readers.

Many people who want to protect and serve know that the application and testing process can be grueling, with George M. Godoy of Police Exam offers tips and advice for the Police Exam and how to get hired faster.

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Welcome to PoliceExam. Custom Police Recruitment essay writing - Supreme Essays Police Recruitment essay writing service, custom Police Recruitment papers, term papers, free Police Recruitment samples, research papers, help Scottish Police Test Get Practice Papers At How2Become Scottish police test practice papers consist of a numbers test, handling test and a language test. Candidates must pass all elements to progress. Winning strategies for police promotional exams - PoliceOne Winning strategies for police promotional exams